How to slow down ageing -2 minute yoga exercise.
In this short video I will teach you how to move your spine throughout the day in order to slow down ageing. The yoga exercise takes less than 2 minutes, and you will feel more energised, younger and free of back pain if you include this exercise in your life. It’s easy, practicle and safe for all ages and levels of ability.
My passion is in slowing down biological ageing in the body and the brain – the spine being an extension of the brain. I want people to feel 10 -20 years younger.
Follow along and do the exercise with me and see how you feel.
The people that live the longest and healthiest have been found to move more throughout the day. Most of us sit too much, which is the worst thing you can do for your healthspan, along with smoking.
This video is for you to learn how to mitigate sitting too much by moving your spine more and slow down aging. In yoga we know you are only as young as your spine.
So come on and do this exercise with me because YOU CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH!