Meet Jackie Clarke

Principal Yoga Teacher

I’ve been teaching yoga full-time since 1996, and have experienced immense pleasure from teaching hundreds of people of all ages and levels of ability. After school, I studied Human Movement and Psychology at UWA. Instead of very nearly becoming an Exercise Physiologist or Psychologist I’ve ended up a Yoga Teacher which is a combination of the two fields.

I don’t follow a particular style of yoga. I like to pick and choose the best exercises from different styles of yoga and mix in some great Pilates exercises as well as some Physiotherapy exercises. I keep my students body’s working in different ways as this helps stimulate the muscular skeletal system to STAY STRONG, MOBILE AND YOUNG.

It’s okay if you have injuries as some exercises will be very helpful, and some you will avoid or modify. Don’t worry too much about which class you should come to. Just choose a time that suits, and come along. I cater for all levels of ability. I emphasize to work safely within your own level, to focus on how the exercise makes you feel rather than whether you’re good at it or not, and to enjoy yourself.



“My intention is to teach the students how to slow down their biological ageing through exercise and meditation.”

The main focus in the classes is on slowing down the ageing process by working on 5 main areas:

Body Strength

It is a fact that we can become stronger at any age. Having strong bones and muscles will help us in every aspect of our life. We may become old but we certainly don’t have to become frail. In the yoga classes we work on strength using body weight. Some of the strongest people I know are over 60 and have never been to a gym in their life, they’ve just done yoga.

Flexibility / Joint Mobility

We can become more flexible at any age, with effort. I’m not at all interested in the extreme levels of flexibility that seem to be the focus of many yoga teachers. You don’t actually have to be that flexible to be healthy. But stretching regularly does slow down the ageing process by maintaining joint mobility/ range of movement, improving circulation and joint health, and helping us to slow down and relax.


Our balance does not improve as we get older. I think everyone knows that yoga is incredibly good at improving balance. And having good balance helps us with most things in daily life.


There is nothing quite as good as yoga for straightening your spine. Some of the benefits of good posture are – you look younger, improved respiration (breathing), increased energy levels , stronger metabolism, improved mood, decreased back and neck pain, more confidence.

Relaxed State / Lowered Stress Levels

Like improved posture there is no exercise system quite like yoga for becoming more relaxed. We can’t avoid stress in life. But we can learn and practice simple skills to relax our nervous system. Feeling more relaxed is guaranteed after every single Yoga session. And if you’re more relaxed you sleep better, breathe better, digest better, get sick less, feel happier and age more slowly, amongst many other benefits.