Classes and Times

You don’t have to be flexible, strong or young to enjoy the many health benefits from regular yoga practice. You simply have to give it a go and put in your best effort. In fact if you are older, stiffer and a bit stressed you only have more to gain!? The main intention is to SLOW DOWN AGEING through exercise and relaxation practice. Just try a class and you will straight away feel benefits.


Zoom Classes Available
Zoom Classes Not Available



Times are Western Australian Time (GMT+8)

3:00-4:00 pm very gentle yoga 
4.30-5.40 pm  all levels
6:00-7.10 pm all levels
Options for easier and harder exercises

5.00-6.00 pm  Yin Yoga ( only)
Challenge your strength and endurance.

10:00-11:00 am Gentle Yoga and relaxation
11.30 am –12.40 pm all levels  
4.30 – 5.40 pm all levels  
6:00 – 7.10 pm all levels  
Options for easier and harder exercises



9.30 – 10:40 am All levels.    
Options for easier and harder exercises

11:30 – 12.40 pm Gentle Yoga and relaxation.  


Dunsborough Classes

Naturaliste Community Centre
8.00-9.15am (beginners/general) *in school holidays this class changes to 7.30-8.45am

7.15-8.30am (general)

*you can pay now online or pay in class with cash or card.