Yoga for Beginners Over 50 – Open Hip Flexors 60 minute class
This is a recording of a live class taught to a group of students ranging from ages 40-80. We work on the whole body but do some extra stretches to open the hip flexors. The class is packed with gentle stretching exercises and yoga exercises for your lower back. The class is perfect for beginners, over 50s and anyone who sits too much. A huge benefit in this yoga for beginners video is it is excellent for posture correction and improving back flexibility.

If you want a younger spine then you need to learn these yoga exercises and have them in your life. Make yoga part of your life. The older you are, the more you need it. It’s NEVER too late to start yoga – but make sure your teacher is a good one – keep it safe.

Let’s get old together – very very slowly.

❤️Jackie (15 years younger)

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