exercise to improve memory for people’s name. The exercise in this video is specifically designed to help you improve your memory for people’s names.
If you would like to improve your social skills by becoming better at remembering the names of new people when you meet them then this video series is for you.
The exercise is to practice remembering the name of 3 people as well as 2 other facts about that person.
After practicing on youtube you can apply it to your real life and become better at remembering the names of people you meet. Practicing will improve your memory in general which is good for strengthening your brain. Exercise for your memory is equally as important as exercise for your muscles.
In this video the exercise is specifically to help you improve your memory for recalling people’s names along with 2 other things about that person.
I think you will enjoy the process and it will help you to feel more socially confident in your life.
Please let me know if you would like more of these videos and I’ll ake them.