In this video I will teach you easy exercises you can use in your life to prevent lower back pain, keep doing what you love and stay young! Any of the easy exercises will work well on their own to prevent lower back pain, but all together they are especially beneficial. They not only prevent lower back pain but they can also reduce current lower back pain. They are easy exercises as I specialise in teaching yoga to over 50s beginners, and keeping it safe and enjoyable. If you would like to feel younger, prevent lower back pain then this video is for you. The easy exercises are actually essential to not only prevent lower back pain, but also hip pain. Preventing lower back pain is important to your quality of life as if you can’t move freely then you will not be able to exercise, feel happy and enjoy your life to the fullest. Also there is a high correlation between lower back pain and depression. Practice these easy exercises and you will actually feel happier as well as having a younger spine, no lower back pain and more relaxed in general. You can keep your joints young! DO THE WORK!