Learn simple exercises to strengthen and tone your arms no weights.
Use your body weight to exercise and strengthen your arms in under 10 minutes per day. These exercises come from yoga and functional fitness and you will feel new muscles within 24 hours. If you do the exercises 3 times per week you will have stronger arms, chest and shoulders, and an added bonus is the exercises will improve your overall fitness, cardiovascular health and blood flow to the brain.
You have two choices in life
1) Don’t work on your strength and get weaker as you get older. One day you will be frail…
2) Work on strength and become stronger at any age. This will help with confidence, bone density, robust immune system, metabolic health, weight loss, youthful vitality and looking younger. You will quite literally increase longevity/healthgevity if you work on strength.
I’ve been teaching yoga for 24 years and have helped 100sof people to feel stronger than they’ve ever felt. I’ve never been to the gym or lifted a weight in my life, and my body is strong, toned and very healthy at the age of 49.