60 minute Yoga for Flexibility in Hips and Lower Back.
This is a live class recording with 60 minutes of yoga working on flexibility in hips and lower back as well as ankles. The yoga class includes all the preparatory exercises for achieving deep squats, kneeling and sitting comfortably on the floor with legs crossed. When our bodies are young we can naturally squat, kneel and sit on the floor. However most of us then start school and sit on chairs for the rest of our life and lose the natural ability to comfortably squat, sit and kneel. Working on our joints to become more flexible again will promote younger hips and spine.

I recommend practising this class often and before you know it you will be squatting like a child and have a younger, more flexible body

Commit to your joint health. Cultivate a body that is 15 years younger.

Enjoy the free content.

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