70 Minute Live Recording Yoga Class for Beginners over 50
This is a class for beginners over 50 who would like exercises to slow ageing, yoga for relaxation and stretching, Yoga for flexibility, stretches for walkers to move more freely, Yoga exercises for achieving the splits, stretches for tight hamstrings and hip flexors, and more.

If you are a beginner or over 50 then this Yoga class will be perfect for your body.

It is a live recording of one of my Busselton, Western Australia over 50s Yoga classes. It does go for 70 minutes but even if you just do bit of the class it will make your joints feel freer. However if you can take the time to do the whole 70 minute class then you will experience the health benefits for much longer after – Walking like your body is 15 years younger, more relaxed and more energised.

Stay young, NEVER stop working on your body. Enjoy how you feel!

Love Jackie.

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