EASY Yoga Exercise For Anxiety and Stress (seniors)

Exercise for anxiety and stress. Learn exercise to significantly shift anxiety and stress to contentment and calm. This is a useful and important life skill! The sequence of exercises taught in this video have a very real effect on the body’s physiology, causing a cascade of changes in the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and muscular systems. Often everything needs a re-set from all the overwhelming and unhealthy stress we all have in today’s world. It’s 2021 and stress and anxiety have yet again gone to new levels. This video – exercise for anxiety and stress – will give you that re-set every single time and the effects will last for days. It is suitable for beginners and seniors. Practicing techniques for managing stress and anxiety is crucial to living your best life, with youthful health and vitality. Any of the exercises will work on their own but together they will increase their effect in a longer lasting body/mind re-set. There is a combination of easy yoga poses with simple breathing exercises to follow and enjoy. This video was without doubt my favourite one to make as I needed it that week when my state went into second covid lockdown. Stressful for me being a yoga studio owner still having to cover huge rent but unable to conduct classes.

I hope you enjoy it too. I know you will!