EASY Yoga for CHRONIC lower back pain (over 50)

If you suffer chronic lower back pain and you’re over 50 then let me teach you some EASY Yoga exercises that will help reduce the pain, and minimize the re-occurence of your lower back pain.

If you’re over 50 then you need to put more effort into your lower back to prevent the muscles from stiffening up and the discs from thinning out. The good news is weaving these EASY Yoga exercises into your day will make your spine feel younger and freer, plumping up the discs, improve blood flow and increase overall energy.

Chronic lower back pain can be prevented if you put the effort into moving more and sitting less. Over 50s need to stimulate blood flow regularly in order to stay healthy. When you have CHRONIC lower back pain you tend to move less in order to avoid pain, whereas you should be moving MORE. The old advice was rest, but the latest science strongly points to mocing more as the best way to prevent chronic lower back pain.

Try the Yoga exercises in the video and see how you feel. Using them regularly is what you should be doing as the more you practice the more the spine will move freely in ALL directions so that you can stay active, healthy, strong and happy.